Sunday, June 14, 2009

Throwing Away Art

Dumpster filled with art
I recently started cleaning out the garage. The photographer Emerson once told me that he envied me changing styles every few years but that I must have a garage full of old photographs that hadn't sold. Right he was. I started throwing away everything older than ten years old. Most of that was the thousands of teddy bear, kittens and baby duck photographs that were left over going back almost twenty years. The interesting thing is that they were probably the most commercial photography ever sold at art shows. Many a week that I sold in the 500 print range. 

For as well as they sold at art shows, it was a total bust trying to sell them from a web site. BermanBears was my first web site and I don't think I made even four sales from it. The dumpster picture is really the third time I filled it and I still have more photographs to throw out from that era.

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  1. Your blog is really nice, Larry. Good job.

    I am sitting in front of a cupboard full of unmatted black and white photographs. In the process of turning our old Greek Revival home from a photo studio/workshop/darkroom/frame room I keep looking at the boxes and boxes of photos from early on. Wish I had your courage.