Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Artist offered Waiting List Space for $100 over Booth Fee

Posted to one of the art show forums. An artist was on the waitlist for the Virginia Highland art show, which has a $300 booth fee. He said the show contacted him and offered him a space for $400. Another artist, upon hearing of this, said he had a similar experience with the same show. He was offered the opportunity to set up one day early if he paid a $50 additional fee. Considering the congested area and set-up hassle, he decided to do so but when he pulled out his check book, the show staffer told him cash only. After a few words he relented and told the show person to give him a receipt. He was told no, they could not give him a receipt. The artist refused to pay cash without a receipt and the show finally gave him a hand-written receipt.

According to their web site, the Virginia-Highland Civic Association is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization. I wonder where the extra cash collected by the show staff goes.

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