Tuesday, June 2, 2009

May the Best Jury Slides Win

According to the Reston web site, the 2009 award winners will have their work for sale at the preview party the evening before the show starts. If I'm reading it correctly, they must have juried for awards months before the show and that sends a message that the images of the artwork are more important than the actual artwork - NOT. Art shows are about art, not pictures of art.

In a post Ginny Herzog made on the NAIA forum, she verified that this was true and that the art center charged $50 - $75 admission to the preview night plus took a commission from any work sold by the award winning artists.

This would have never happened when Mary Saunders was director and the jurors walked the show on Saturday (like they specified in their application) and chose the award winners by looking at the actual artwork. Where are the artist advisors when you need them. Ginny, Paul Germain and I were artist advisors to the old regime and Mary Saunders would have asked before they would have made such a decision.

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