Thursday, July 16, 2009

Apply with High Quality Photography only

The photography requirements for the Bar Harbor, Maine show on ZAPP which closes next week. Has anyone ever actually destroyed their master file, which is very short sighted because that eliminates any chance of putting together a body of work to be published in the future, like in a book. 

True limited-edition photography of high quality.
*Note about photography: Because of the spread of digital and other "mass produced" means, photography does not fall under the guidelines for original, one-of-a-kind or true limited edition art. However, due to "popular demand" it has been decided to allow photography to be exhibited provided the artist certifies that the image will be part of a true limited edition. In other words, a provenance must be included with each individual image certifying that the image will be reproduced in only a limited number edition of 250 or less after which the creator/master files will be destroyed.

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