Friday, April 10, 2009

Apply to be on the Waiting List

Where are the artist advisors when you need them. A screen capture from the show's web site:
The 2009 ArtFest Midwest "The Other Art Show" takes place on June 27-28 in Des Moines. It's the local art show that runs at the same time as the nationally recognized Des Moines Art Festival. The original deadline was March 2 with notification March 21. But if you look at their application page on the web site it says, "April '09 *****PLEASE NOTE We have openings for the waiting list for the 2009 show and are accepting artist applications. If interested in the waiting list, we will waive the jury fee. There are also a few outdoor demonstrating artist booths available. Follow normal application process or email or call for further info."
It also says further down on the page that "payment of booth fee is a guarantee to exhibit. Booth fee is non-refundable".


  1. Larry - I did this show a few years ago, the venue is fine, set up inside an exhibition hall on the state fair grounds, and they do run buses from the premium show out to the sickly sister show. Unfortunately, the traffic was not sufficient to generate enough sales - 250 artists (50 of whom were jewelers, my humble niche) and it seemed every exhibitor got a very thin slice of the pie. Privately promoted shows (Amdur, Stookey, Alan) need to be scrutinized with more care and suspicion than standard CofC and art museum shows; they are not chartered to only cover their costs, they are out to make MONEY. I am getting gobs of emails for "extended deadlines" from a bunch of these operators, milking the chumps. Cheers, DALE

  2. Extended deadlines seem to be a fact of life for shows using either ZAPP or JAS, because all the prep work is being done for them. There's no reason why the show applications can't close the day before the jury starts. But from a artist point of view, it's to your advantage to apply early so the jurors see your work before they get tired viewing your category. If show see that the bulk of the applications come in the last day or so, it gives them incentive to extend the deadline.